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Rufus Shinra

Rufus Shinra

Final Fantasy VII


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Shortly after the start of Final Fantasy VII, Rufus Shinra's dreams are realised. Following the death of his father - President Shinra - at the hands of Sephiroth, he is instantly made President of the company and flies in to the ShinRa building to take up his new position.

When he arrives at the building though, he is confronted by the group and after a brief conversation sees that they are his enemies, not his friends. He squares off against Cloud with the help of his dog Dark Nation, but Cloud overpowers Rufus and causes him to grab on to a Helicopter to make his escape.

Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony

Following the promotion, Heidegger is quick in his attempts to suck up to his new boss. In order to do this, Heidegger creates an official welcoming ceremony in Junon to announce the new President of ShinRa.

During the ceremony, Rufus mentions numerous times that Heidegger's laugh annoys him immensely - although Heidegger doesn't appear to listen. Rufus also lets slip that Sephiroth is in Junon.

After boarding a boat to Costa del Sol and arriving there, Rufus learns that not only was Sephiroth on board the boat, but the group were as well. He holds Heidegger fully responsible and effectively places him on his final warning. Rufus Shinra Hojo

You Call Yourself A Scientist?

Rufus is adamant that the Great Northern Crater is indeed the Promised Land. He comes to this conclusion because the outside is extremely rich with Mako energy and that inside is a treasure trove of Materia.

When Professor Hojo tries to question Rufus' logic, Rufus calls him a second-rate scientist. After all, what would Hojo know in comparison to the leader of ShinRa?

Upon the awakening of the Weapons, they quickly head back to their ship. However, he manages to trick Barret and Tifa into coming with him by suggesting he wishes to exchange information. They are imprisoned and sent for execution in Junon as a way to appease the masses.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Following meetings with his executives, it is agreed that the Sister Ray should be moved to Midgar. It would then draw on power from the Mako Reactors enabling it to destroy the forcefield around the Great Northern Crater.

However, when the Sister Ray fires, Diamond Weapon is also launching a barrage on Midgar. Although the Sister Ray destroys the force field and defeats Diamond Weapon, one of Diamond's bullets hits the top of the ShinRa building, with Rufus Shinra inside. This is the last time Rufus is seen in the game.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Wally Wingert
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Rufus Shinra Wheelchair When Rufus Shinra is first encountered in Advent Children we establish that he has been staying in the Healin Lodge under the protection of the Turks for the last two years.

Suffering from Geostigma himself, Rufus resides in a wheelchair and is covered by a sheet. He is said to be in the final stages of the disease and is also wrapped in bandages.

I Need Your Help

Cloud meets Rufus at his request, although Cloud doesn't really have any interest in what Rufus has to say. However, Rufus informs Cloud that they require his help. He is sorry for all that ShinRa did in the past and he wants to make up for it.

He claims that they were investigating the Great Northern Crater, but they were attacked by the Silver Haired Men before their investigation was completed.

First Encounter With The Silver Haired Men

When Kadaj confronts Rufus, he wants something. Rufus feeds him a pack of lies though and claims they dropped the item when the Remnants attacked them in the Great Northern Crater.

Kadaj seems to believe him and tells him about the Reunion. He informs Rufus that it is invitation only, which comes in the form of Geostigma. To enforce this, Kadaj shows Rufus his face, which turns into Sephiroth's. Rufus Shinra Jenova Cells

Second Encounter With The Silver Haired Men

The two meet again later with Rufus asking Kadaj why he's asking after the Jenova Cells. Kadaj explains, but Rufus doesn't seem overly amused and informs him that he will stop him every time.

Following the summoning of Bahamut SIN, Rufus takes off his sheet to reveal that he had the Jenova Cells all along. The two have a brief fire fight and Rufus throws the box off of the building. Rufus ends up falling off too and starts shooting the box before landing in a safety net put out by Tseng and Elena.

At the end of the film, Rufus is cured of his Geostigma by the curing rain.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Rufus Shinra absolutely hates his father and the way that he runs ShinRa. During Before Crisis, Rufus attempts to take control of the ShinRa Company by effectively supporting their enemy - AVALANCHE.

Rufus has no interest in the planet; he is purely interested in seizing power from his father so that he can run ShinRa how he sees fit. He uses his position within the organisation to leak information to AVALANCHE which is crucial to their success in certain missions.

Unfortunately for Rufus though, the Turks find out and capture him. They use him as a bargaining chip to save Verdot and Elfé. Surprisingly President Shinra doesn't brand Rufus as a traitor and instead places him under house arrest in Junon.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: Wally Wingert
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Rufus Shinra's involvement in Dirge of Cerberus is literally only a few seconds long. In the opening cutscene, a man in a white coat identical to Rufus' is seen being carried into a helicopter using a stretcher.

It is also theorised that Rufus is the mysterious benefactor that is funding the World Regenesis Organisation.