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Final Fantasy VII


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Rude's first appearance in Final Fantasy VII is one of sarcastic comedy. After freeing Aeris from ShinRa's evil experiments, they try to escape in one of the lifts. Just as they do, Rude and Tseng walk in and Rude asks them to go up.

When they arrive at the President's office, Barret decides he wants to have more than his fair share of words with President ShinRa. This forces Rude to "remove" him from the room.

Tifa's The Girl For Me

When Reno and Rude are investigating Gongaga, they have a conversation about women. Reno asks Rude who he likes, to which he replies Tifa. Reno is extremely surprised by this, especially considering that she's the enemy - although this isn't the first time Rude has fallen for someone he's been fighting against.

Reno is even more surprised because he thinks that Elena likes Rude, but when Rude explains that Elena likes Tseng, Reno is even more surprised! Their unique moment is ruined though as Cloud turns up and they have to have a rematch for the fighting earlier.

I Don't Give Up Easy

While Rude, Reno and Elena are on their holiday in Wutai, Elena gets kidnapped by Don Corneo. After a brief alliance with Cloud's group, Rude is able to sneak up on Don Corneo and knock him off the side of the mountain. Even though he manages to hang on, Reno makes sure he isn't able to climb to safety.

This isn't the last time that Rude is seen though, as he confronts Cloud with the aid of two generic ShinRa soldiers in Midgar. He doesn't fair too well though and a similar thing happens again when he is accompanied by Reno and Elena for a rematch.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
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Rude Healin Lodge When Cloud comes to meet with Rufus following Reno's phone message, Rude fairs slightly better than Reno. He doesn't fair that much better though, as Cloud forces him to stand-down.

When Reno makes a huge faux pas and talks about rebuilding ShinRa, Rude joins Rufus in showing their disappointment in Reno. Clearly talking about ShinRa to one of the people who was behind the company's downfall isn't a good way to get him on their side.

It's Always Good To Have A Spare Pair

Following Reno's smack talking in Edge, they engage in a fight with Loz and Yazoo. During the fight though, Rude doesn't really seem to have much luck. The first stroke of bad luck comes when Reno actually hits him round the head with his nightstick.

Shortly after running from Bahamut SIN, a sign saying "Loveless" then falls on Rude's head and then his bad luck is capped off when Reno steps on his famous sunglasses! Fortunately for Reno, Rude always carries a spare pair.

Getting The Upper Hand

As Rude and Reno attempt to get the upper hand on Loz and Yazoo, they try to plant a bomb. Rude informs Reno that he made the bomb and that it's an example of ShinRa technology at its finest - plus, it looks flashy.

It does the job though and it slows down Yazoo and Loz enough to allow Cloud to finish off Kadaj.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Rude Before Crisis During his early years with the Turks, Rude got caught between a rock and a hard place. A vicious war was taking place between ShinRa and AVALANCHE, but Rude managed to fall in love with a woman named Chelsea... who happened to be an AVALANCHE spy.

Despite their love for each other, Chelsea decided that it could never work between them due to the sides they both supported. Rude was at one point inconsoleable as he didn't even get to say goodbye to his love.

Rude is also seen supporting Reno in quite a lot of missions throughout Before Crisis. They compliment each other well, and Rude often has to balance Reno's unorthodox style.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Rude is a man of very few words and he usually lets Reno do all the smart talking. When Zack goes to assist Cissnei in Sector 8, Rude informs him that she will be fine.

After being ordered to find Zack by Tseng, Rude informs Tseng that they always finish their job, which ironically they fail to do. However, this was only due to the stealth of Zack, as they flew straight over his hiding position.