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Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Ruby Weapon is one of the creatures that was summoned by the planet during a time of crisis. Like Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon only exists in the US and PAL versions of the game, meaning it wasn't included in the Japanese version.

Unlike Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon only patrols a very small area and doesn't really move at all. It can be found in the sand around the Gold Saucer and above the Corel Desert Prison. Because of this, it can only be approached by Airship or by Chocobo. If either of these instances happen, the player will be forced into a non-escapable battle with Ruby Weapon.

If the player manages to defeat Ruby Weapon, it will disappear from the world map and they are given the Desert Rose. This item enables them to acquire a Gold Chocobo - which is capable of traversing anywhere on the planet.