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Rosso The Crimson

Rosso The Crimson

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Age: N/A

Rosso the Crimson is a member of the Tsviets - a group of elite soldiers from Deepground. Her name means "Red" in Italian, which explains her very distinct colour scheme.

Rosso is first encountered in Edge where she is seen casually dispatching WRO soldiers. She comments about how the mighty WRO are weak and wouldn't last a day in Deepground.

I've Never Felt The Rain Before

As Rosso was born in Deepground, up until a few days before her appearance in Edge, she had never even seen the sky before. When she confronts Vincent outside the warehouse, she comments that it's the first time she has ever felt the rain on her skin.

Shortly before Rosso attacks Vincent, she reveals that he is the keeper of the Protomateria. Vincent manages to dodge her initial attacks but after Rosso sends him flying through a wall Chaos awakens. Rosso doesn't fair too well against this much stronger opponent and ultimately runs away. Rosso Steals Protomateria

Stealing the Protomateria

As Vincent prepares to leave the ShinRa mansion, Rosso is waiting for him. Vincent tries to ask her about Omega Weapon, but she states that she doesn't know, nor is she interested. He orders come directly from Weiss and she will do whatever he commands.

Following Vincent's fight with the Black Widow - Rosso quickly attacks Vincent and grabs the Protomateria from his chest. As Vincent tries to change into Chaos once again, Rosso happily informs him that he can't control Chaos without the Protomateria.

As Rosso goes to finish off Vincent, Yuffie appears and blinds Rosso. When she regains her vision, they are both gone and despite her searching they are nowhere to be found.

Fighting Under The Clouds

When the WRO invade Midgar, Rosso is one of the Tsviets on the front line. As Cloud is riding his motorcycle into the heart of the city, Rosso is watching from above and launches herself at his bike in a huge spin.

She collides heavily with the bike and causes a massive explosion which shoots the two up into the air. The both attempt to hit each other, but their weapons clash causing a large energy shockwave.

The Emergence Of Bloodlust Rosso

Before the events of Dirge of Cerberus, Rosso wanted to see the sky but was denied by the Restrictors. In a bid to grab their attention, Rosso started killing fellow DeepGround soldiers. It didn't go as planned though, as a Restrictor defeated her and stabbed her through the stomach.

A while afterwards, Rosso is summoned by the Restrictors. She is ordered to fight against Weiss alongside Azul, but they are both defeated. It is here that Rosso releases her inner rage and become Bloodlust Rosso. However, even in this form she isn't strong enough to defeat Weiss. Rosso Crimson Suicide

The Re-Emergence Of Bloodlust Rosso

Rosso confronts Vincent as he makes his way through the complex towards the ShinRa building. She claims that he has lived long enough and that she is going to defeat him once and for all.

When the battle appears to be going against her, Rosso musters her strength and changes into Bloodlust Rosso yet again, but Vincent is still able to defeat her even in this improved form.

Bitter about her defeat, she doesn't give Vincent the satisfaction of finishing her off. While proclaiming that nobody can ever defeat her, she collapses a platform which sends her falling to her doom.