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Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

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When Final Fantasy XII initially starts, the player takes control of Reks, a young soldier who has been thrust into combat. He joined up with the Dalmascan forces so that he could continue to protect his brother, who he had been looking after on his own for the past three years.

The Archadian army hit hard during the invasion of Nalbina, and Reks found himself under the command of Captain Basch. Because of this, he was part of the detail that was sent to stop King Raminas from surrendering to the Empire.

The Horrific Truth

During the mission, Reks is separate from Basch and the rest of his forces. When he eventually catches up, he finds his allies slain, as well as the body of King Raminas. Shortly after, someone who appears to be Basch approaches him, and stabs him in the chest.

Somehow, Reks managed to survive the assault and despite his frail state, he manages to back up the Empire's stories that Basch had betrayed Dalmasca and killed the King. Shortly afterwards, Reks died from his injuries.