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Reeve Tuesti

Reeve Tuesti

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Reeve is in charge of Urban Development at ShinRa and he is first seen as the ShinRa executives are discussing the destruction of Sector 7. Unlike the others, Reeve seems to be against the plans and questions why the destruction of an entire district is necessary to quash the actions of a small group.

Because of Reeve's stance, President Shinra then asks if he wants out, a question which Reeve manages to evade. Reeve claims that he doesn't want the city that he built to be destroyed and the President realises he must be under stress so gives him a few days off.

You Won't Be Rebuilding?!

Following the execution of Heidegger's plan, the ShinRa executives have a meeting to discuss the cost of rebuilding Sector 7. Much to Reeve's surprise, President Shinra informs him that they won't be rebuilding the district - it will just be left as it is.

Neo-Midgar is the way forward for President Shinra and he wants to focus all efforts on the planning of this wonderful scheme. Reeve doesn't necessarily agree though and states that if they increase the taxes, the people will lose confidence in ShinRa. Reeve Tuesti Arrested

Using Cait Sith For Good, Not Evil

Throughout much of the game, Reeve is controlling Cait Sith. This was originally a plan setup by the Turks so that they could spy on the activities of Cloud and his group, but after seeing their actions, Reeve started to question his role at ShinRa. Eventually, he decided to effectively switch sides and instead of spying on Cloud, he spied on ShinRa instead.

Unfortunately for Reeve, he gets discovered. When Hojo seizes control of the Sister Ray in Midgar, Reeve attempts to stop him, but when he realises that Hojo is out of control, he tells Cloud that he has to stop him. It just so happens that he did so in the presence of Scarlet and Heidegger, and they have Reeve arrested.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Jaimeson Price
Age: N/A

Reeve is now the leader of the World Regenesis Organisation and he sends a message to Vincent asking him to meet up in Kalm. After the village is attacked by DeepGround, Vincent makes his way to the meeting point and after fighting a helicopter - he finally gets into contact with Reeve.

Reeve commends Vincent on his work and informs him that DeepGround are retreating from Kalm for now, as they were temporarily defeated by WRO forces. Before Vincent can say anything else in reply, Reeve then informs him that he is needed in Edge and Vincent feels obliged to help out.

Reeve Tuesti Vincent DeepGround

ShinRa's Dark Secret

On the way to Edge, Reeve explains that the men Vincent encountered in Kalm were from DeepGround, a dark secret of ShinRa that very few knew about. The purpose of the experiment was to create an army of Super Human Warriors.

He reveals that Vincent encountered some of the more elite soldiers created, in the form of Azul and Shelke who are members of the Tsviets. Unfortunately, Reeve doesn't know more as only the President knew most of the details. Heidegger, Scarlet and Hojo knew more, but it was out of Reeve's scope of work and all he knows comes from Scarlet's files.

No Time For Rest

After Vincent collapses in Edge, he is brought back to the WRO Headquarters by Shalua. After a brief discussion, Vincent is called back into action as the WRO headquarters comes under attack by DeepGround. Shelke is one of the Tsviets leading the assault and when she confronts the group, Reeve instantly realises that she is Shalua's sister.

Shelke seems to resent her sister, but Reeve explains the hardships she has been through when trying to track her down. Shelke doesn't relent though and Reeve asks Vincent to capture her alive using tranquilisers. Reeve Tuesti Dirge Of Cerberus

WRO Headquarters Comes Under Attack - Again!

Following their unsuccessful attack last time, DeepGround return with a more forceful attitude. When Vincent arrives, he finds that the Headquarters have been completely overrun. Not only that, Reeve is a complete mess. He is devastated by the damage that's been caused, but he's more upset about how useless he is - afterall, he's supposed to be a hero from the Jenova War.

Vincent comforts Reeve, and informs him that without his guidance, he wouldn't have learnt to look to the future. This picks up Reeve's spirits and they work on trying to uncover what the Omega report means.

Assault On Midgar

Although Reeve doesn't actually take part in the battle himself, he helps to plan the assault and offers words of advice to Vincent before he goes into combat.

He also has a quiet word with Shelke, during which time he tells her that she has great strength and skill and that he hopes he can count on her to look after the Airship. This greatly surprises Shelke, but she does her best to not let Reeve down.

Dirge of Cerberus -Lost Episode- Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

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Reeve Tuesti makes a brief appearance in Lost Episode, as he gives a mission briefing to Vincent Valentine. He wants to learn more about DeepGround, so sends Vincent to the ShinRa mansion to look for some of the documents Lucrecia made regarding them.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Jaimeson Price
Age: N/A

Reeve's only appearance in Advent Children comes from a brief conversation he has with Cloud on his mobile phone. He claims to have seen adverts for Cloud's Delivery Service and offers to help out if he can.

In a bid to help the group fight against Bahamut SIN, he sends Cait Sith along to help - who is seen riding on Red XIII.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Reeve Tuesti Before Crisis Reeve has mixed roles in Before Crisis. We initially find out that he was one of the architects behind the construction of Midgar and more specifically the Mako Reactors. He is also one of the ShinRa executives that supports the cancellation of the Space Program, after the crash in Rocket Town.

After the discovery of Cait Sith as a reconnaisance tool and the brief split of the Turks from ShinRa, Reeve decides to support the Turks instead of ShinRa. He uses Cait Sith to aid their cause.