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Reddas' story starts two years prior to the start of Final Fantasy XII, when he was known by his real name Foris Zecht. It was during this time, that he was under the command of Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor and acted as Judge Zecht. His role within the Empires was to oversea their more nefarious tasks.

It was one of these tasks that eventually lead him to leave the Empire and go into hiding. He was tasked with finding the Midlight Shard and was asked to use its power against Nabudis.

Consumed With Guilt

After using the Midlight Shard, Zecht was consumed with guilt. Despite the Empire wanting to push on following their victory in Nabudis, Zecht wanted no further part in the war and left his Judge Magister position, along with his name.

He took the name of Reddas, and became a Sky Pirate who operated out of Balfonheim Port. Along with his associates, Rikken, Elza and Raz they became relatively notorious amongst the other Sky Pirates, one of which runs into Reddas in the Draklor Laboratory.

Confronting An Old Friend

At the request of the Marquis Ondore, Reddas was tasked with inflitrating the Draklor Laboratory in order to steal information about new projects, as well as Imperial tactical schematics. While there, he encounters the player's group, including Balthier before squaring up against Dr. Cid.

His skirmish with Cid is shortlived however, as Cid, with the aid of Venat, tosses Reddas aside. Instead of attempting to continue the fight, Reddas decides it would be better to try and find more information.

Making A Mense

In order to help put a stop to current events and make a mense for his past actions, Reddas offers to help the group get to the Ridoarana Cataract. He gives Balthier a skystone which enables safe passage, and joins them as they venture forward.

After climing the Pharos, Reddas fights against Dr. Cid and his successor, Judge Gabranth. Consumed with guilt over his past, Reddas takes the opportunity to do something for good, and sacrifices his own life to destroy the Sun-Cryst.