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Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 48

Red XIII is encountered for the first time when Cloud and the party break in to the ShinRa building to rescue Aeris. What they find is that Professor Hojo is attempting to perform a sick experiment on both Aeris and Red XIII, suggesting that they should mate with each other to prolong the life of both their species.

Following their release and almost immediate capture, Red XIII doesn't seem overly concerned by the proceedings that have taken place and only seems to be bothered about one thing, his grandpa. It is only when they leave Midgar that Red XIII adds anything constructive to the group, when he theorises that the Mako Reactors could be a reason for the increase in monsters across Midgar.

Nanaki Is My Real Name

After travelling with the party over the ocean dress as a sailor, Red XIII finally arrives at his home - Cosmo Canyon. When he is greeted by the town's people, he is referred to as Nanaki, which we find out is his real name.

When an old man called Bugenhagen comes to talk to Red XIII, we find out that this is the grandpa that he was previously referring to. Bugenhagen explains that while Nanaki may be 48 in human years, in terms of his lifespan, he is only about 15-16. Red XIII Seto

Learning The Truth About His Father

Red XIII has always been of the opinion that his father was a disgraceful coward. He is full of pride for his mother though, as when the Gi tribe attacked, she died to protect the town, whereas his father Seto, ran to save himself.

Realising that Red XIII is old enough to learn the truth; Bugenhagen unlocks the sealed door which leads to the Gi Cave, which Red XIII navigates through with the assistance of Cloud and another party member.

When they reach the end of the cave, Red XIII finds his father turned to stone. Bugenhagen explains that Seto fought against the Gi and made sure they never reached Cosmo Canyon, but was never able to return to the town because of his duties. Eventually the Gi overpowered him and he was turned to stone, and when Red XIII announces his pride in his father, a tear drops from Seto's eye.

You Will Be Missed

After Red XIII decides to go with Cloud, after being inspired by his father and on advice from Bugenhagen, he divulges that Professor Hojo is the one who gave him the name Red XIII; and that other experiments were also given numerical names.

Upon returning to Cosmo Canyon to seek Bugenhagen's advice, Red XIII notes that he doesn't look in the best of shape. This prompts Bugenhagen to give Red XIII his Ultimate Weapon - Limited Moon - and Bugenhagen passes away shortly afterwards.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien
Age: N/A

The opening segment of Advent Children mimics that of the ending segment seen in Final Fantasy VII, as it shows Red XIII running through the hills. He eventually stops and overlooks the city that was formerly Midgar with his young pups. This is said to be 498 years after the events of Final Fantasy VII.

Throughout the rest of the film, Red XIII only has a few cameos. When Bahamut SIN attacks Edge, Red XIII charges to the town to help, with Cait Sith riding on his back. He helps them defeat Bahamut SIN, but his only other brief moments in the film come on the Shera and in Aerith's Church.

Red XIII only has one line in the entire film, which is "There are still children with the Stigma" (Geostigma).

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Before the events of Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII resided in Cosmo Canyon with Dinne, another member of his species. They were due to perform a ritual together in order to appease the planet, but Red XIII was unable to perform his part due to a terrible unease he felt.

His unease was justified as Dinne is attacked and chased by some suspicious people who are more than likely employees of ShinRa. Her danger clears Red XIII's thoughts and he fights as a warrior of the valley in order to protect her.

Red XIII also appears as a character that can be fought in the game's training mode.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

As with Advent Children, Red XIII again has a very minor part in Dirge of Cerberus. Most notably, he is the only character omitted from the scene which contains all of the previous AVALANCHE members together.

His very small cameo comes in a scene with Shelke, where he is seen lying down next to her. He also says nothing at all during the game.