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Professor Rayleigh

Professor Rayleigh

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Professor Rayleigh is a respected scientist who works for ShinRa and she appears in Before Crisis during Chapter 5. The Turks are given the task of protecting Professor Rayleigh, as she has been targeted by AVALANCHE due to some information that she holds on SOLDIER.

Cloud Strife accompanies the Turks on their mission, as well as two other generic soldiers from ShinRa's army. However, shortly after they set off on their escort mission, they are attacked by a Raven from AVALANCHE.


Despite her escort's best efforts, Professor Rayleigh is captured. While the Turk was fighting against the Raven, the two grunt soldiers were killed by a Death spell and Cloud was left to try and chase down her captors.

As the Turk catches up, he finds that Cloud is outnumbered against the Ravens. However, he has a dilemma. He can either choose to save the information and leave Professor Rayleigh die, or the opposite.

Your Life Is More Important

The Turk decides that Professor Rayleigh's life is more important than the data, and chooses to save her. This means that the data on SOLDIER is retrieved by AVALANCHE, but the Turk's conscience is clear.

Following these events, it is unknown what happened to Professor Rayleigh, as she isn't mentioned again in the franchise.