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Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo

Final Fantasy VII


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Professor Hojo's first appearance in Final Fantasy VII comes as the protagonists infiltrate the ShinRa building. While spying on a meeting held between high-end executives, Hojo speaks about Aeris, who he believes is only 82% as powerful as her mother.

He reveals that his research is going to take at least 120 years, and that Aeris probably won't live that long. For this reason, he suggests that he should breed her with Red XIII in order to prolong the research period. This is most curious as Aeris and Red XIII clearly don't look generically compatible, but Hojo obviously believed such a feat was possible.

Living The High Life - Costa del Sol Style

Heidegger inadvertently reveals that Hojo has actually resigned from ShinRa and has disappeared, but Cloud finds him catching some rays on the beaches at Costa del Sol.

He claims that he is pursuing Sephiroth, but his female entorage seem to tell a different story. He does take some time out from his busy schedule to mock Cloud, but he refuses to answer any questions regarding Sephiroth or Jenova.

The Reunion Of Sephiroth Clones

Despite having resigned, Hojo is next seen escorting Rufus Shinra to the Great Northern Crater - musing about whether they will see Sephiroth. Hojo's "Sephiroth Clone" experiment was to inject people with Jenova cells, as he believes that Jenova cells always try to unite with each other.

He called this "The Reunion", but Cloud was the only participant of the experiment to complete the test and be reunited with Sephiroth (giving him the Black Materia in the process). But Hojo is very annoyed to find out that Cloud was actually a failed experiment, which meant that all of his successful experiments actually failed. Hojo Cloud Experiment

Consumed By His Own Thirst For Knowledge

Following the initial firing of the Sister Ray, Hojo then reveals his plans to fire the cannon at the Great Northern Crater again - claiming that he will give Sephiroth all the Mako energy he needs!

Upon Cloud's arrival at the scene Hojo claims that his presence annoys him because he failed to see that Cloud was actually a success, not a failure. He also discloses that Sephiroth is actually his son.

Following these admissions though, Hojo reveals that he has experimented on himself. Jenova Cells were now flowing through his body, but he is defeated and left for dead.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


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Vincent Hojo Body Following reports of life-signs, Vincent makes his way to where Hojo was defeated. He finds Hojo's body still there, but just as he moves to investigate further a bolt of lightning strikes. When Vincent looks back, Hojo's body is gone.

It is disclosed that during this time, Hojo was actually creating a copy of his brain that would be imprinted throughout the Worldwide Network. However, due to Meteorfall, the network became fragmented.

I Will Become Omega Weapon!

Before Hojo faced off against Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, he devised a plan to merge his person with Omega Weapon. After witnessing Vincent change into Chaos three years prior, Hojo actually took note of research done by Lucrecia Crescent. He surmised that if Vincent could change into Chaos, he could become Omega.

However, he needed the perfect body to be able to harness Omega's might and without thinking, Hojo injected himself with Jenova Cells. Failing to factor in the fact that the Jenova Cells would start to eat him away, Hojo also uploaded his consciousness to the Worldwide Network, with the hopes that someone from DeepGround would become available to have their body stolen.

You're All Just Pawns

Following Meteorfall, the Worldwide Network was disrupted and it took three years before it formed back together properly. It was at this point when Weiss the Immaculate was trying to perform a Synaptic Netdive - allowing Hojo to take control of his body.

Using this new body, Hojo manipulated Nero into utilising DeepGround's forces and gathering up pure souls to be sacrificed to the planet. This would ultimately awaken Omega.

The Truth About Hojo's Evil Deeds

During the game there are numerous flashbacks which highlight how integral Hojo is to the events of the Final Fantasy VII franchise. While Hojo was engaged in a relationship with Lucrecia, she became pregnant with his child. Hojo thought this was the perfect opportunity to see how Jenova Cells would react with a foetus instead of a grown human.

Vincent strongly rejected to this experiment, so Hojo shot him. With body to stop his wicked experiments, Hojo continued experimenting on the baby in Lucrecia's womb - which would grow up to become Sephiroth.

Not Everything Goes As Planned

When Vincent finally manages to confront Weiss, Hojo reveals that he has been controlling Weiss the entire time. Vincent tries to fight against Weiss, but Hojo has made him too powerful with the help of Omega - he even cracks a joke that Vincent has got too old.

However, with the help of Shelke Rui, Vincent overpowers Hojo and Omega's power leaves his body. After learning the truth about the new Weiss, Nero is distraught. This leads to the ultimate demise of Hojo, as Nero merges with Weiss - causing Hojo to disappear.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Hojo is responsible for implanting the Zirconaide Materia inside Elfe, who is the leader of AVALANCHE. This played right into the hands of Fuhito, who planned to use the Zirconaide to summon Jade Weapon.

Hojo is not seen or mentioned anywhere else during the game.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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When the ShinRa building is attacked by Genesis clones, Zack Fair is sent to protect Professor Hojo. Hojo makes a point of telling Zack that he should make sure to protect his mind as a preference to his actual being.

When Genesis arrives to kill Hojo on behalf of Dr. Hollander, Hojo informs him that following Hollander is a complete waste of time, as he's a second rate scientest who would never be able to stop his deterioration. Hojo also reveals knowledge of the play entitled LOVELESS.

Creating The Sephiroth Clones

After hearing that Cloud - a mere mortal - had managed to defeat the great Sephiroth, Hojo was very intrigued. He decided that he would use Zack and Cloud as the first specimens in his new project called "Sephiroth Clones", as well as other survivors from the Nibelheim incident.

The purpose of this experiment was not to create super soldiers, but to establish if the theory of "the Reunion" was indeed correct.