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Minor Character

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Age: N/A

Priscilla is a resident of Junon Town, which resides below Junon. While playing with her friend Mr. Dolphin, she originally suspects that Cloud and his friends are working for ShinRa.

It is at this point that her friend Mr. Dolphin is attacked by Bottomswell, a mutant fish. Although they manage to defeat Bottomswell, Priscilla is hurt in the conflict and isn't breathing after they rescue her from the ocean.

Do CPR Now!

Despite his reservations, Cloud is forced to do CPR by both a resident of the village and Barret. Fortunately Clould's efforts prove successful and Priscilla is taken away to get some much needed rest.

When the group visit her later, Priscilla apologises for the way she initially treated them and she gives them the Shiva Materia for their troubles. She also shows them how they can gain access to the city above without using the lift.