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Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Piet is a member of Esthar's research team that is stationed on the Lunar Base. He is first encountered by Squall upon entering the base and he essentially acts as a tour guide.

He ends up taking Squall to the control room, where they can witness the Lunar cry. however, things don't go to plan, as Rinoa becomes possessed by Ultimecia. Piet can only watch as Rinoa deactivates the seals which are holding Sorceress Adel in stasis.

Evacuating The Lunar Base

After witnessing a huge chain of unfortunate events, Piet decides the Lunar Base must be evacuated. He orders everyone to abandon the station and is amongst the last to leave before it is destroyed by the Lunar Cry. He manages to get in an escape pod with Squall and Ellone, but he is quickly left alone with Ellone after Squall tries to rescue Rinoa.

When the escape pod lands, Piet can do nothing to stop Galbadia forces apprehending Ellone. He can be found here later on, should the player wish to play a game of cards - Alexandar is held by Piet.