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Final Fantasy XII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Catherine Taber
Age: 17

Penelo is a long-time friend of Vaan, and spends most of her time looking after him. Towards the start of Final Fantasy XII she continues this trend by scolding him for stealing, and making sure that Vaan does some work for Migelo. Later on, this leads to her helping Vaan with his plan to sneak in to the palace.

Vaan manages to ditch Penelo before he actually executes the plan, and when Vaan is captured, Penelo tries to plead his case. Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears, but before they are taken away, Balthier gives her a handkerchief and asks her to hold on to it until he brings Vaan back to her.

Kidnapped By Ba'Gamnan

While Vaan is being kept prisoner, Penelo is also a prisoner of sorts after she is kidnapped by the Bounty Hunter Ba'Gamnan. Her kidnapping is part of a plan to lure Balthier out of his comfort zone, but as soon as Balthier arrives in Bhujerba, Ba'Gamnan releases her.

After escaping from the Lhusu Mines, she is apprehended by Judge Ghis. Although she doesn't know what she's accused of, she tries to claim innocence, but the Ghis refuses to listen. Fortunately, Larsa is around and he defends. They are taken on board the Dreadnaught Leviathan, where they are coincidently reunited with their comrades. Penelo and Vaan embrace, and Larsa gives her the Nethicite he found with the hope that it will bring her good fortune.

Shortly afterwards, they are involved in a skirmish with Judge Ghis. He attempts to use magic, but it is absorbed by the Nethicite that Penelo had inherited from Larsa.

Becoming A Sky Pirate

Following the defeat of Vayne Solidor, Penelo joins Vaan in realising his dream and becomes a Sky Pirate. Initially they were using the Strahl as their mode of transport, but it was stolen. This event prompted Vaan and Penelo to get a ship of their own.