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Minor Character

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Palmer is probably the most incompetent of the ShinRa executives and ultimately doesn't serve a purpose in the grand scheme of the company. He is the head of the Space Research programme, which is relatively redundant after the incident that happened in the past.

Many years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, Palmer pioneered ShinRa's attempts to fly into space - with Cid Highwind as their chosen pilot. However, when the launch had to be cancelled, Space Research effectively ceased, yet Palmer somehow managed to keep his job.

Once A Coward, Always A Coward

Palmer's first interaction with Cloud and his group comes in the ShinRa building following their capture. While hiding for his own safety, he claims to have witnessed Sephiroth kill President Shinra.

He later assists Rufus Shinra as they venture to Rocket Town to try and steal Cid Highwind's Tiny Bronco plane. While Rufus is distracting Cid, Palmer was supposed to steal the plane, but he is stopped by the group.

Despite being hit rather hard by a truck at the end of the fight, Palmer does actually survive the experience and there is nothing to suggest that he doesn't survive the events of Final Fantasy VII unlike many of his fellow executives. He has yet to appear in another game in the franchise though.