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Old Dalan

Old Dalan

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Dwight Schultz
Age: N/A

Old Dalan is a resident of Rabanastre, who dwells in Lowtown. Although his actual name is just Dalan, he earnt the nickname Old Dalan because of how long he's been around in Rabanastre, and his age, obviously.

He is a long-time friend of Vaan and always helps Vaan out when he can. The first instance of this is towards the start of Final Fantasy XII, when Old Dalan helps Vaan to break into the Royal Palace. He gives him the Crescent Stone, which Vaan powers up and eventually uses to open a sealed door into the treasury.

Upon Vaans return to Rabanastre, Dalan is happy to see he is well, but also has an errand for him to run. The task is to deliver a sword to a certain Captain Vossler, and in return Dalan promises to keep an ear out for the whereabouts of Penelo.

Dalan is also the person needed to speak to in order to start the quest which culminates in acquiring the Esper known as Chaos.