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Nunchaku (Male)

Nunchaku (Male)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Nunchaku (Male) is from an exceedingly privilaged background and had unimaginable wealth. Yet, even this didn't make him happy as it wasn't possessions that he desired, it was to live his own life. Unlike many others, Nunchaku actually demanded to be able to join the Turks, who accepted his request.

Because of his desire to join the Turks, Nunchaku holds them very dear, especially their reputation. He does everything he can to ensure that their reputation is always up-held and never tarnished.

Not Always Available

Although Nunchaku is available from Episode 1 of Before Crisis, he originally wasn't included in all versions of the game. The Softbank version started off as the only game that he could be selected in, but the DoCoMo version now has him available as well.