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Minor Character

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NORG is a Shumi who is the Garden Master of Balamb Garden. Although the Shumi tribe are a rather kind race, NORG is an exception and he's rather malicious. He prefers to do things that benefit him rather than others and as such, he is rather paranoid, fearing Cid and Edea in particular.

NORG originally left the Shumi village in an attempt to better himself and find something he deemed more worthy. On his travels he met Cid Kramer and his wife Edea and together they set up Garden, which NORG's finances paid for.

NORG while the proprietor of the Garden, appointed Cid as Headmaster. It was clear there needed to be some financial gain from this venture, and so the SeeD mercenaries they trained were sent around the world to bring in revenue from missions.

When talk began that the Sorceress was going to control all the Gardens, NORG issued an order to Martine, the Headmaster of Galbadia Garden, to have the Sorceress killed. However, Martine decided to request aid from Cid. When NORG discovered this he was irrate, especially when the assassination failed. In an attempt to appease the Sorceresses' anger, NORG decided to hand over the heads of the SeeD's responsible and that of Headmaster Cid. This caused a rift between those that supported Cid and those that supported NORG.

When Squall and the others arrived, NORG explained his fear of losing the Garden because of their failure. In his rage he attacks the party but is defeated, he retreats inside a cocoon, never to be seen again.