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Minor Character

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Mjrn is the younger sister to both Fran and Jote. Her fondness of Fran entices her interest in the world outside Eruyt Village, much to the disapproval of Jote who already lost Fran to these same urges.

Despite Jote's warnings, Mjrn gives into temptation when she hears about a group of Humes who ever been seen entering the jungle. She follows them into the Henne Mines, subsequently getting herself captured. Forced to endure experimentation, she is exposed to the Mist and manufactured nethicite.

When Vaan and the others find her, she is in a state of frenzy set in by the experiments with Mist. Not only that, Venat has also possessed her and as they arrive she awakens Tiamat from its slumber. Once Tiamat is defeated she becomes free from Venat in Fran's arms.

Upon returning to the village, even though Jote shows her displeasure for Mjrn leaving, she is willing to see around it. However, Mrjn still wishes to leave the village again. Fran tells her that if she leaves she will no longer be her sister, upsetting words cause Mjrn to run from Fran crying, and she reluctantly stays in the village.