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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Minerva appears briefly towards the end of Crisis Core after Zack Fair has defeated Genesis. In the cave where there confrontation takes place, a statue of Minerva is present and after the fight, the statue comes to life. During this dream, Minerva "revives" Genesis and following this action, the statue shatters.

Minerva is believed by some to be the Goddess that is mentioned in Loveless. However, in reality she is more akin to a Summon, but she doesn't behave like a typical Summon. Her role is to follow the intentions of the Lifestream.

Bringing Genesis Back

When Genesis awakes from his dream, his degradation is clearly gone, as his coat is its usual red and his hair colour is no longer white. Genesis' desire to complete his duty as a SOLDIER was so strong that Minerva decided that he shouldn't be welcomed into the Lifestream yet.

She essentially gave him the Gift of the Goddess, so that he could complete his duty and be a true SOLDIER once again. Thus, it is believed that following Crisis Core, Genesis no longer harbours a lust for destruction and power, but a desire to protect the planet.