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Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Migelo is a friendly Bangaa who runs Migelo's Sundries, an all purpose shop in Rabanastre. Alongside running his shop, he is also responsible for the catering at all major events in Rabanastre.

Following the loss of both Vaan and Penelo's families, Migelo looked after them as his own. However, he is also their boss and sends them to run errands for his shop.

Towards the start of Final Fantasy XII, Migelo is tasked with arranging the banquet for Vayne Soldior's introduction as the Consul for Dalmasca. When it's time for Migelo to introduce himself to Vayne, he bows before him. This causes Vaan to lose some respect for Migelo, as he felt it was too willing to submit to his will. However, as Penelo explains, it isn't that he wants to, it's that he's worried about what would happen if he didn't.

Slightly further into the game, Migelo finds out that Penelo has been kidnapped. He learns that she was kidnapped in order to get to Balthier, and demands that Balthier go and rescue her.