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Mayor Domino

Mayor Domino

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Mayor Domino is actually the true Mayor of Midgar, not President Shinra. However, he has absolutely no authority and has been marginalised so much that he only has a small office in the ShinRa building where he acts as a librarian in the ShinRa library. He can be found on the 62nd level of the ShinRa building moaning about how unhappy he is with life.

It is presumed that he once ruled Midgar following an election by the people, but when ShinRa became a authority in the city, he was bullied into abdicating his power - thus making him extremely redundant; something which he is extremely resentful about.

Defiance Towards ShinRa

Understandably, Mayor Domino isn't exactly fond of ShinRa, or what they stand for. When the opportunity presents itself, he is more than happy to support the effects of AVALANCHE, but only if they can complete the literary tasks that he sets for them.

If the player gets his test correct first time, he rewards them with an Elemental Materia and the Keycard they need to get to the next level of the ShinRa building. However, if they fail and take a few tries, he will still give them the Key card.

Regaining Control?

There were rumours floating around that in the event that all the executive board members were killed, Mayor Domino would actually regain all of his previous authority, something which almost happens following the conclusion of Final Fantasy VII. However, Domino is not heard of again in any of the subsequent games in the franchise.