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Mayor Dobe

Mayor Dobe

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

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Mayor Dobe is is the Mayor of Fisherman's Horizon. He governs the town with a pacifistic approach and it's something that all the residents have adopted. When SeeD arrive, crashing into their town, Mayor Dobe and the others are quite happy to get rid of them as soon as possible. While they offer their services in assisting Squall and the others to fix Balamb Garden, their reason for doing so is nothing more than helping them to move along faster.

Mayor Dobe was one of the three people involved in the creation of Fisherman's Horizon. His resolve to do this was given to him when he decided to leave behind the war-based politics of Esthar. He, along with several others, decided to set up their home alongside the railway. Although he was one of the founders there were two others, the owner of the weapon shop and the Master Fisherman.

Mayor Dobe isalso married to Flo, who was rather insistent on blaming Squall for the Galbadian Soldiers arrival. However, Mayor Dobe decides to confront them and despite his pleas for them to not destroy Fisherman's Horizon he is manhandled and Squall and the others are forced to intervene.