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Master Fisherman

Master Fisherman

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Although his role in the game is entirely optional, he was one of the main founders of Fisherman's Horizon. He is witnessed in the game when Balamb Garden crashes into Fisherman's Horizon, as he is in fact the lone fisherman whose day is rather suddenly disturbed. If Squall manages to find and speak to the Master Fisherman, he is rewarded for his efforts with the Occult Fan III magazine. He is then sent to speak to the Fisherkid.

For further advancing this, the Master Fisherman will wander to the docks and ask to speak with Squall at the hotel. Here he reveals some of his back story with regards to himself and Fisherman's Horizon. He reveals that he was known as the Engineer for his skilled hands in Esthar, however, he led people away from Esthar to create Fisherman's Horizon and to start a new pacifists approach to life.