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Martial Arts (Female)

Martial Arts (Female)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

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Martial Arts (Female) is an ex-mercenary and has definitely seen her fair share of combat over the years. It was due to these experiences that she was able to adapt to life as a Turk with relative ease. Combat was nothing new to her and neither was taking orders from a superior.

Being an ex-mercenary means that her work is also very efficient. She gets her work done with minimal fuss and with the least amount of effort required. She also has a very clear mind, is on the ball and is very perceptive to the situations around her at all times.

Joining In Episode 7

Like Martial Arts (Male), Martial Arts Female joins the Turks in Episode 7, as the Turks find themselves unable to cope with the activity of AVALANCHE with their current numbers.

She is a very skilled martial artist and uses a style which has lots of kicks, making it very similar to Tae Kwon Do.