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Marlene Wallace

Marlene Wallace

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 4

Marlene Wallace, despite her name, is the daughter of Dyne and Eleanor. When the horrific incident took place in Corel Town, Marlene was only a baby girl. Barret found her in the arms of Eleanor, who had been killed by ShinRa forces and as he presumed that Dyne was also dead, Barret took it upon himself to adopt Marlene and look after her.

Despite the fact that Marlene is only four years old when Final Fantasy VII begins, she is quite capable of looking after herself, and she effectively runs the 7th Heaven bar when Tifa joins Barret and Cloud on a mission for AVALANCHE.

Held For Ransom

When Sector 7 is about to collapse, Aeris makes sure that Marlene is taken to her mother, Elmyra Gainsborough, so that she can be kept safe. Unfortunately, the Turks intercept her and she has to allow herself to be captured so that Marlene can remain safe.

Marlene doesn't remain safe for long though, as Cait Sith (a ShinRa spy) holds her for ransom in order to force Cloud to take him with them on their journey to the Temple of the Ancients. When Cait Sith sees the good deeds that they are doing though, he changes his ways and Marlene is given back to Elmyra for safe keeping.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Grace Rolek
Age: 6

Marlene starts off by narrating about the events that followed Final Fantasy VII. She explains that things didn't necessarily get better after Meteorfall as new things such as Geostigma are now causing a considerable threat.

This threat is seen the first time Marlene appears in Advent Children, as she is seen applying bandages to Denzel, who is suffering from Geostigma. She is hoping that he won't be taken away from them. Marlene Cloud Bandages

Where Are You Cloud?

Marlene heads to Aerith's Church with Tifa as they are supposed to be meeting Cloud there. While looking around, Marlene finds some bandages similar to those that Denzel wears and asks Tifa is Cloud is also sick.

Tifa suggests that they leave, but Marlene requests that they stay longer. Not long after this, Loz arrives and Tifa ends up engaging in combat with him. Although Tifa appears to have won, Loz knocks her unconscious and in a desperate attempt at self defence, Marlene throws some Materia at Loz's head. He doesn't seem overly amused by this and kidnaps her.

Taken To The Forgotten Capital

Marlene is taken to the Forgotten Capital where she finds a large group of kids all being tempted into drinking water which will "cure" their Geostigma. When she sees that Denzel is one of them, she calls out to him, but he doesn't hear her and drinks the water.

Marlene manages to escape and fortunately meets up with Cloud in the forest outside the city. However when she finds out that Cloud is going to speak to ShinRa, she doesn't understand. Eventually she manages to convince Cloud take her back home himself.

Is It Her, Is It Aeris?

Towards the end of the film, Edge is engulfed by rain. It is during this time that Marlene asks "Is it her?", suggesting that the rain is being caused by Aeris.

She watches the battle between Cloud and Sephiroth take place in the rain while holding Denzel's hand.