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Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: John DeMita
Age: N/A

Luzzu is a resident of Besaid, and helps to run the Crusader's operations in that area alongside his good friend Gatta. Having lived in the village for a long time, he also knew Wakka and his brother Chappu.

Luzzu is actually the person who convinced Chappu to join the Crusaders, and turn his back on the teachings that Wakka tried to instill in him. He set aside his conventional weapon and used an Al Bhed machina weapon instead during a fight against Sin. It was during this fight that Chappu died, something which Luzzu has never forgiven himself for. When he eventually tells Wakka prior to Operation Mi'ihen, Wakka punches him in the face.

Depending on the advice given to Tidus, it is possible for him to survive Operation Mi'ihen. If this is the case, he is then found later back in Besaid attempting to train up a new group of Crusaders to fight against Sin.