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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Luxiere is a SOLDIER 2nd Class and looks up to Zack Fair with great admiration. He often sends emails to Zack throughout the game informing him about goings on at the ShinRa Headquarters, or just commenting on news which has been reported.

Despite Luxiere's close feelings for Zack, when Zack is branded a traitor by ShinRa, Luxiere doesn't necessarily offer to help Zack. Instead, he claims that capturing Zack would help him to gain a promotion - possibly to SOLDIER 1st Class. He would then use his new-found power to try and help Zack, but it was likely just a ploy to try and gain a new step up in the company's hierarchy.

Luxiere's fate is unknown after Crisis Core as he doesn't appear in any other games in the franchise.