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Lord Mi'ihen

Lord Mi'ihen

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

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Lord Mi'ihen's story is one of legend within Spira, as he is the founding father of what is known as the Crusaders.

When he initially founded the Crusaders, he was branded as a traitor to Yevon and forced to stand trial infront of the Maesters at the time. When he was captured, he was forced to walk down a path on his way to Bevelle, which would later be called the Mi'ihen Highroad.

However, during his trial, he managed to convince his opposition that the Crusaders were set up with the purpose of trying to defeat Sin. They were a force for good, not evil. It was this testimony that made Yevon embrace the work of the Crusaders, and they were then made then an official branch of Yevon.