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Lord Gandof

Lord Gandof

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

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High Summoner Gandof is a deceased Summoner who defeated Sin in the past and was responsible for a period of Calm. His battle, which took place at the Calm Lands, left one of the various rifts that can be seen.

Prior to becoming a Summoner, Gandof was a very active man in Spira. He spent most of his time around the Thunder Plains where he was instrumental in capturing the Qactuar that roamed around. They were cast in stone by him and remain there even when Final Fantasy X takes place. He was also the person who created the Lightning Rod Towers in the Thunder Plains, which are designed to shelter people from random strikes of lightning.

Such is the respect that Gandof had, that he is one of the Summoners which is praised with statues throughout Spira inside the various temples.