Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Characters

For the completion of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, we see the return of many familiar faces. Lightning leads the cast of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but Hope returns in a supporting role.

Each of the original protagonists again make an appearance, but this time their presence is far more important then the previous installment in the franchise.

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Main Characters

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII focusses on the exploits of one central character, Lightning, as she looks to try and transition souls from one world to the next.



For the third game in the series, Bhunivelze makes an appearance to try and stop Lightning from completing her task, all while "assisted" by Lumina, the little scamp!



Minor Characters

Plenty of characters introduced in the previous two games appear in Lightning Returns and some characters, like Chocolina, have an expanded presence compared to previous games.

Hope Estheim

Snow Villiers

Sazh Katzroy

Noel Kreiss

Caius Ballad


Other Characters



Biggs (Final Fantasy XIII)

Cid Raines

Dajh Katzroy



Mog (Final Fantasy XIII)

Paddra Nsu-Yeul


Serah Farron

Slaughterhouse Zoe

Wedge (Final Fantasy XIII)