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Lady Ginnem

Lady Ginnem

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

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Lady Ginnem is a former Summoner who unfortunately was killed during her pilgrimage. We learn that she died while attempting to acquire the summon Yojimbo in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, but she and her guardians were over-run by fiends.

This recount is told by Lulu, when Yuna ventures towards the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, and we learn that Lulu was one of the guardians who couldn't protect Lady Ginnem that day; something which still haunts her.

Growing Resentful

Having been left unsent in the Cavern of the Forgotten Cave for a few years, Lady Ginnem grew resentful and when Lulu approaches the Fayth, Lady Ginnem reveals herself. Lulu tries to apologise for failing in her duties, but Ginnem is overcome with anger and attacks.

Also she uses Yojimbo as her main source of attack, Lady Ginnem is defeated and she is finally sent to the Farplane by Yuna.