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Minor Character

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Kunsel is one of Zack's best friends in SOLDIER and acts as Zack's tutor through the early stages of the game. He is also exceedingly "in the know" about ShinRa's operations and he is the person who initially informs Zack about the mass desertion at SOLDIER - when Zack asks why it has been so quiet.

Kunsel also seems to know about other happenings, such as, the monsters in Midgar being released from Professor Hojo's laboratory, Director Lazard laundering money from ShinRa and Dr Hollander's secret ties to Banora - the place that both Angeal and Genesis were born. It is unclear how he obtains this information, but it certainly helps to inform Zack about goings on within the company he works for.

Friends Are More Important

Although Kunsel has managed to obtain the rank of SOLDIER 2nd Class, he values his friends as more important than his job. After he hears about Zack's "death" via the ShinRa mailing list, it is unlikely that Kunsel believed the news, due to his knowledge of ShinRa dealings.

This is emphasised even more, as when ShinRa send an email around detailing that two samples had escaped from Nibelheim, Kunsel immediately sends an email to Zack telling him to get back to Midgar quickly and safetly. He also hinted that he would be willing to leave his job to help Zack, but it was the last email that Zack ever received and Kunsel isn't heard from again in the game.