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Knife (Female)

Knife (Female)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

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Knife (Female) is a quiet, pleasant young lady who is originally from Barret's home town of Corel. Unusually, her weapon of choice is a Knife. This might not be that unusual, but her skill isn't using it in close combat, it's in throwing them.

Her reason for joining the Turks is simple. She hopes to make the world a much safer place so that tragedies happen less often. When she was younger, both of her parents died in a war (presumably the Wutai War) and this left a lasting impact on her perspective of life.

Nursing An Old Wound

It is fortunate that Knife is so adept at throwing knives, as her mobility isn't always up to scratch. She received a bullet wound injury on a mission and it sometimes impairs her movement somewhat.

As with Nunchaku (Male), Knife also started off exclusive to one platform only. She was available from Episode 1 on the EZWeb Mobile Phone version, but later became available on the DoCoMo version from the start too.