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Kiros Seagill

Kiros Seagill

Final Fantasy VIII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Kiros was a Galbadian soldier who fought alongside Ward Zabac and Laguna Loire. After a failed mission to the Centra Excavation Site, where they are forced to retreat from the Esthar soldiers who are working there to uncover the Lunactic Pandora, the three become separated for some time.

Kiros heads to Winhill later when he believes he will find Laguna there. Upon finding Laguna, he reveals that he was bored without their adventures. He opts to help out with the patrols to remove the monsters around the town that Laguna attends to daily.

Unfortunatly not everything stays peaceful for long and when Estharian Soldiers kidnap Ellone, Laguna rushes to rescue her. Kiros has no choice but to accompany his friend. Eventually they arrive in Esthar where they rescue Ellone, and in the process end up confronting Sorceress Adel, who they manage to also defeat.

Laguna is made President of Esthar shortly after, and Kiros stays with him to become one of his trusted advisers.