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King (Final Fantasy VII)

King (Final Fantasy VII)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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King is the leader of the Club Duel fight club that is based in the Costa del Sol region and he is referred to as King purely because he is the "King" of the fight club.

The tradition of Club Duel states that in order to become the "King", the combatant must defeat all of the club's best fighters. After achieving this feat, they must then defeat the "King" aka the leader of Club Duel. This is how King inherited the leadership, and how the new person would gain it, should King ever be defeated.

SOLDIER Recruitment Drive

As part of a mission, the Turks are sent out to find new recruits for SOLDIER. This leads them to the Club Duel, as they have heard of King's reputation. King is reluctant to go with the Turks, so they challenge his authority and completed the task set. Thus, the player Turk becomes the new "King" of Club Duel and orders King to become a SOLDIER candidate.

While the candidates are rounded up, King gets involved in a skirmish with Azul but he is easily defeated by the huge man.