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Kimahri Ronso

Kimahri Ronso

Final Fantasy X

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio
Age: 25

Kimahri's first action in the game is to start a fight with Tidus shortly after they leave Besaid. Kimahri doesn't necessarily trust Tidus, but Wakka manages to break the fight up before it gets too serious.

We learn that Kimahri isn't exactly vocal, but he would protect Yuna even at the expense of his own life due to a promise he made to Auron. He has protected her since she was a child and will continue to do so until her pilgrimage is complete.

Tense Rivalries

Upon following Yuna to try and meet Auron in Luca, Kimahri gets distracted by the appearance of two other Ronso. They unveil themselves as Yenke and Biran and proceed to mock him - mainly picking on the fact his horn is broken.

A fight ensues, and Yuna is kidnapped while Kimahri is distracted. After heading off with both Lulu and Tidus, Kimahri manages to rescue Yuna from an Al Bhed boat. Kimahri Seymour Natus

Run! Protect Yuna!

Following an escape from Via Purifico in Bevelle, the group try to leave. However, their attempts are blocked as they are confronted by Seymour. In an attempt to allow Yuna to escape, Kimahri attacks Seymour on his own.

He doesn't continue fighting on his own for long though, as both Tidus and Yuna decide that they will not let Kimahri die. They come to his assistance along with the others and Seymour Natus is defeated.

Settling An Old Score

As the party head towards Zanarkand, they pass through Mt. Gagazet. They are again confronted by Biran and Yenke who refuse to let Kimahri pass. This causes Kimahri to engage in combat with them, as he hopes to prove his strength.

After defeating the pair of them on his own, Biran and Yenke recognise Kimahri's strength, despite being hornless. They also disclose that they were the ones who broke Kimahri's horn, and as a way of repaying him, they will stop Yuna's pursuers from passing.

Final Fantasy X-2

Minor Character

Voice Actor: John DiMaggio
Age: 27

Due to the demise of Kelk Ronso, Kimahri is made the head of the Ronso tribe in Final Fantasy X-2. He is also the individual that found the sphere of Shuyin which causes Yuna to embark on her quest.

His involvements in Final Fantasy X-2 are quite minimal, but they are still relatively significant as he tries to find a purpose for the Ronso people following the demise of both Sin and Yevon.

Proving His Worth

During his time as the Elder Ronso, Kimahri has to deal with Garik - a petulant young Ronso. He also has to try and cope with the disappearance of Lian and Ayde, two youngsters.

Upon their return though, he comes to a decision about the tribes future and manages to earn the respect of Garik. Because of this, a statue is constructed in Kimahri's honour hailing his status as a hero of the tribe.