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Kelk Ronso

Kelk Ronso

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Corey Burton
Age: N/A

Kelk Ronso, or Maester Kelk Ronso is the leader of the Ronso people, while also being a leading figurehead around Spira in general. Of the Maesters, he is the least corrupt and serene, which is why Yuna's trial in Bevelle disturbs him.

During the trial, Yuna informs Kelk that Seymour killed Lord Jyscal Guado and while the other Maesters appeared to know and ignore this fact, Kelk neither knew or could ignore it. Both Seymour's actions and the lack of trust from his fellow Maesters lead to him questioning his role in Bevelle and while he found Yuna guilty of the crimes she faced, this didn't satisfy him.

Back Amongst His People

Following Yuna's trial and sentencing, Kelk decided to go back to Mt. Gagazet so he could be with his people. It is here that he confronts Yuna a second time, as she is trying to pass through the Mountain to gain access to Zanarkand.

Initially, he attempts to stop her progress, as she is a traitor to Yevon. Yet, after hearing her talk, he is won over by her will and desire to help the people of Spira and decides to let her pass. Not only that, he also vows that the Ronso people will protect her from those who wish to pursue her.

Unfortunately for Kelk, Seymour Guado was one of those who tried to pursue her. Seymour killed Kelk along with the other Ronso who stood in his path.