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Katana (Male)

Katana (Male)

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Katana (Male) is probably one of the more lethal Turks in their arsenal and he wields a very deadly weapon. He earned his fearsome reputation in his home town of Gongaga during an incident where he was trying to save his friend. In order to save them, he had to kill many people and was imprisoned for his heroism.

The Turks saw potential in his skills and decided that he would be a valuable asset for them. So, in exchange for a full pardon for his crimes, Katana was offered a chance to join the Turks, which he accepted.

Experienced Campaigner

Despite the fact that Katana only joins the playable character roster in Episode 18, he is an experienced member of the Turks and has been engaged with other assignments.

He also has a weakness for beauty, which can sometimes get him into trouble. However, due to his skills with a katana, and his strength, he is a strong member of the Turks.