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Julia Heartilly

Julia Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

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Julia Heartilly makes several flash back appearances throughout Final Fantasy VIII. She was a famous pianist and singer, and initially performed at the Galbadia Hotel in Deling City. At the age of 22 she met a Galbadian Soldier called Laguna Loire, after he and his comrades Kiros and Ward would meet at the Hotel's bar. Julia had her perfomances watched by Laguna many times, however, he was always too embarassed to speak to her. Julia however had noticed him and she too had a crush on him.

Julia finally got the chance to speak to him when Laguna summoned the courage to talk to her. Following this, she invited him back to her room. After waiting nervously for him to arrive, eventually he did and they talked for hours. The two confided in each other about their dreams, Laguna confessing he wanted to quit the army and become a journalist, and she told him about her passion to write and perform her own songs. She reveals to Laguna that meeting him has given her inspiration.

The next day Laguna is called away on a mission, and although he vowes to return, Julia is heartbroken that he has to leave. She waits for him to return but unfortunatly she never hears from him again, assuming only that he has passed away. Taking her loss really hard, she confides and is comforted by General Fury Caraway. His encouragement helped her to write the song "Eyes on Me" based around her love for Laguna. The song became an instant hit across Galbadia.

Afterwards she married Caraway, together the two had a daughter who they named Rinoa. Unfortunately their happiness was cut short when Julia was killed in a car accident.