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Judge Zargabaath

Judge Zargabaath

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Simon Templeman
Age: N/A

Judge Zargabaath is one of the Judge Magisters for the Archadian Empire. He leads the 12th Fleet from on board the flagship of the Archadian fleet, the Alexander. The first actual story event he has is with Drace when he tells her not to concern herself too greatly with matters that do not concern her, regarding the various suspiscious goings on within the Empire.

When Drace is to be executed, he tries to plead with Vayne to spare her life, but unfortunatly he is unsuccessful as Bergan is all too willing to make an example of her. He also leads the Fleet to Mt. Bur-Omisace but regrets having done so to such a holy place.

Zargabaath has a more important role towards the end of the game when he leads his fleet in defence of the Sky Fortress Bahamut. When Vayne is defeated and Bahamut begins to fall towards Rabanastre, Zargabaath takes it upon himself to send the ship, the Alexander, on a suicide mission to ram the Bahamut off course in order to save the people of Dalmasca. However, his plans are called off by the requests of Larsa and the others, as Balthier and Fran attempt to fix the engines of the Bahamut and steer it safely clear.