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Judge Ghis

Judge Ghis

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Mark Wing-Davey
Age: N/A

Judge Ghis is one of the few Judge Magisters in Ivalice. His first involvement in Final Fantasy XII comes as he is given the responsibility of apprending Princess Ashe (Amalia) in the Garamsythe Waterway. Following her apprehension, she is taken to his flagship, the Dreadnought Leviathan. Following her "rescue" by Basch, Balthier and the others, Judge Ghis actually informs the group that Amalia is Princess Ashe.

Vaan wields the Dusk Shard, but Judge Ghis just takes it off him and throws them into a prison cell. However, they manage to escape and Judge Ghis is forced to pursue them. He intercepts them at the hangar, but as he moves to attack them, his spell is absorbed by a pendant Penelo is wearing. This reveals the true power of the Manufactured Nethicite that Larsa gave her. Ghis then attempts to fight the party, but is defeated.

Following his loss, Ghis manages to strike a deal with Vossler. Using his information, Ghis catches up with the group outside the Tomb of Raithwall, where he recovers the Dawn Shard from them. He decides to test the power himself and places it inside the Leviathan's engine. However, things don't go to the plan and is causes the engine to overload. The party escape just in time as the fleet is eradicated in the consequent explosion that also sees the end of Ghis as well.