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Judge Gabranth

Judge Gabranth

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Michael Rodgers
Age: 36

Judge Gabranth is one of the few Judge Magisters in the Archadian Empire's military. However, he doesn't necessarily serve the Empire out of want, but more of need.

Prior to the events of Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth, whose real name is Noah fon Ronsenburg, lived in the Republic of Landis with his brother, Basch, and his mother. However, when the Empire invaded his land his family was torn.

Basch decided to flee to Dalmasca, to help fight against Arcadia, while Noah stayed at home to look after their poorly mother. It was this action that led him to abandon his surname, and adopt the name Gabranth, his mother's maiden name.

Following Landis' fall to Arcadia, Gabranth joined their military and quickly worked his way up the ranks. He earned the full trust of Emperor Gramis Solidor, which aided his cause and was eventually granted the title of Judge Magister, when Reddas defected away from the Empire.

Gaining Revenge On His Brother

Noah always viewed his brother with considerable contempt after what happened in Landis, and two years prior to the main events Final Fantasy XII, he was given the perfect chance to exact revenge.

Vayne Solidor concocted a plan which would cause the fall of Dalmasca, while also extinguishing their noble general, Basch fon Ronsenburg. Since Gabranth and Basch were identical twins, Vayne had Gabranth kill King Raminas, causing it to look like Basch had actually performed the foul deed. Gabranth was then given charge of being Basch's interrogator.

A Test Of Loyalty

Gabranth effectively acts as Emperor Gramis' right-hand man and after Gramis is killed, Gabranth then becomes the equivalent to Vayne. When Judge Drace accuses Vayne of Gramis' murder, he orders that she be executed, and to test the loyalty of his Judge's Vayne picks the executioner very specifically.

Gabranth is chosen to perform the task, which is extremely difficult for him. He promises Drace that he will look after Larsa Solidor in her stead and kills her with a swift blow.

Gabranth then accompanies Larsa to the Pharos at Ridorana, with the purpose of trying to make peace between the Empire and Ashe. However, Gabranth is enraged by Ashe's refusal to seek revenge and attacks the party. Dr. Cid then shows Gabranth that he has failed Larsa and that he has no worth anymore.

Questioning His Purpose

Following Dr. Cid's words, Gabranth begins to question his purpose in life. When the party come to the Sky Fortress Bahamut, he confronts Basch and the two fight. However, Gabranth loses and becomes even more angry with Basch. He cannot understand how he maintains his pride and honour, despite abandoning their home. Basch explains that it's because he has something to protect, something worth fighting for - a statement which makes Gabranth realise that he has no honour or self-worth.

Attempting to redeem himself, Gabranth vows to protect Larsa. However, this means turning on his master, Vayne Solidor. Gabranth manages to score a massive blow to Vayne, but in turn is mortally wounded. He takes his dying breaths onboard the Strahl where he apologises to Basch and asks him to protect Larsa. Basch then becomes the new Judge Gabranth.