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Judge Drace

Judge Drace

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Julia Fletcher
Age: N/A

Judge Drace is one of the Judge Magisters, and is unique, since she is the only Judges of a feminine persuasion. She serves as a mentor to Larsa Ferrinas Solidor and is also looked up to by Judge Gabranth. Her appearances in the story are quite sparse and she is often seen speaking to Gabranth. One specific instance shows her commenting on the importance of protecting Larsa, and how the senate is likely to try to bend him to their will.

Judge Drace is the only Judge to confront Vayne Carudas Solidor with regards to Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor's death. However, when she draws her sword to arrest him she is stopped by Judge Bergan. He claims that drawing her weapon against Vayne goes against the very purpose that a Judge serves. Following this lecture, Judge Bergan strikes Drace down and urges Vayne to administer the correct punishment.

Vayne obliges and accuses Drace of treason. However, he doesn't give Bergan the satisfaction of carrying out the death sentence that treason carries. Instead, he decides to test Gabranth's loyalty and requests that he execute her. As he does so, Drace requests that Gabranth protect Larsa.