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Minor Character

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Age: N/A

Jovy is a minor character in Final Fantasy XII, who can be found in Nalbina. He talks to Vaan about his past hero, a man who lost his parents and looked after his brother. He was also involved in King Raminas' assassination, which unveils that Jovy's hero is actually Reks, Vaan's brother.

He tells the story of how four years prior to Final Fantasy XII, he was accused of stealing in Rabanastre, but while he protested his innocence, nobody believed him. However, Reks aided him and Jovy was able to get away without any punishment. It was this that led him to move to Nalbina.

However, he now has a new hero, Vaan. He claims that Vaan's mark hunting has inspired him, and that Vaan is now the Hero of Nalbina.