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Jote is the elder sister of Fran and Mjrn, and she is one of the most prominent figures in the Eruyt Village. However, it's not necessarily a position that she wanted, when one day her little sister came to her and voiced displeasure at living in the village.

Fran decided that it was time to follow her heart and leave the village. Jote and other elders from the village tried to persuade her to stay, but Fran's mind couldn't be swayed. Due to her position, Jote was then the person who had to respect the laws of the woods, and banned Fran from entry through the woods, while also no longer considering her a Viera.

50 years passed, and Mjrn then decided to also leave the village. As with Fran, Jote had to take the same course of action and banned her from passing through the woods. However, when Fran returns to the village after saving Mjrn, Jote is extremely grateful and givings them Lente's Tear, allowing Fran to pass through the barriers of the wood.

Jote subtly tells Fran that she misses her, and that she loves her. However, her position within the village comes before emotional connection.