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Minor Character

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Jessie is a member of the rejuvenated resistance group called AVALANCHE. She, along with Biggs and Wedge make up the core of the team, which is run by Barret Wallace. She is the resident technician and is in charge of demolitions and wants to use her skills for the good of the planet.

During the assault on Mako Reactor No. 5 Jessie quietly gets on with her job and in some way over-achieves, as the bomb she makes to destroy the reactor actually achieves a much bigger explosion than she originally intended. This goes quite against her rather quiet exterior.

Hey, How's It Going?

After the initial mission is a success, Jessie realises that Cloud isn't the world's best socialiser and attempts to open out to the isolated Ex-SOLDIER. It is at this point that Cloud has the option to flirt with Jessie, although it ultimately leads nowhere.

Jessie doesn't appear to be present during AVALANCHE's next mission, but she helps to try and ward off the Turks during their attack on the Sector 7 plate. Despite her valiant efforts, Jessie is seen to be defeated when Cloud makes his way to the top of the plate. While she may have still been alive at this point, she is most certainly killed when the plate collapses.