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Final Fantasy X


Voice Actor: Gregg Berger
Age: N/A

Prior to being taken to Spira, Jecht lived the high life in Dream Zanarkand. He was a star Blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes and had the perfect life. However, he let this go to his head and he was both a terrible husband and a terrible father.

While his wife ignored his faults, Tidus couldn't and he learnt to despise his father. This wasn't aided by Jecht making Tidus cry all the time, sometimes when Tidus was actually trying to help, but others just out of spite.

Sudden Disappearance From Zanarkand

News spread in Zanarkand that Jecht had suddenly disappeared, which saddened everyone, especially his wife. After this, she gave up the will to live and accepted death while she was still alive.

His disappearance happened 10 years prior to the start of Final Fantasy X and he ended up in a new world called Spira, much like Tidus did as well. Here, he met High Summoner Braska and became his Guardian, alongside Auron. Jecht Sphere 1

Repeating The Same Mistakes

Unfortunately, Jecht earnt a reputation for repeating the same mistakes he had in Zanarkand. His drinking got him into serious trouble, as he attacked a Shoopuf. He swore never to drink again after this, and it was a real turning point into altering his character.

Like Tidus, he also didn't realise that the Summoner dies while defeating Sin. He exclaims that there should be a grand parade for Braska, vanquisher of Sin and makes a video to show to his wife and kid when he returns home. However, he shortly realised he wouldn't be coming home and he records a special heart-felt message for Tidus.

Becoming The Final Aeon

As Jecht arrives in Zanarkand, he learns the truth about Braska's pilgrimage, much like Tidus did. As they completed the Cloister of Trials and went down into the depths of Zanarkand, Jecht exclaimed: "What do you mean no Final Aeon?!"

Despite protests by Auron, Jecht willinging becomes Braska's Final Aeon because he claims he isn't getting any younger and it's time he made himself useful. He also tells Auron that he has a plan to break the cycle and stop Sin from returning, he just asks that Auron trusts him.

Jecht's final request was that Auron look after his son; Tidus. After this, Jecht becomes the Final Aeon, defeats Sin and in turn becomes the new Sin. However, he has the ability to gain control of Sin if he is near the Hymn of the Fayth. Tidus Jecht Death

Being Put To Rest

After using the Hymn of the Fayth to lower Sin's defences, Tidus manages to get inside where he confronts his father. The two have an exchange of words, and after the fight, Jecht is defeated.

Before Jecht dies in Tidus' arms, Jecht reminds Tidus of what he must do and he offers Tidus encouragement by saying that he's his son. It is at this moment that Tidus is finally glad to have Jecht as a father.

When Tidus fades away, he reconciles with Jecht in the Farplane.

Final Fantasy X-2


Voice Actor: Gregg Berger
Age: N/A

Jecht has a small cameo in Final Fantasy X-2 when he speaks to Yuna in her final battle against Shuyin. Alongside Auron, Jecht offers words of encouragement to Yuna and also offers advice on where to strike against Vegnagun.

Jecht also appears in a short flashback while Yuna is talking to Maechen.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Voice Actor: Gregg Berger
Age: N/A

In Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Jecht has been summoned by Chaos to create a team of ultimate Final Fantasy antagonists and he appears opposite his son Tidus, who is has been summoned by Cosmos to counteract Jecht's appearance.

Jecht's EX-Mode sees him transform into the Final Aeon and it is speculated that while the two are on opposites sides, they might not necessarily be entirely hostile towards each other.