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Jade Weapon

Jade Weapon

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Jade Weapon is technically the first WEAPON to appear in the Final Fantasy VII franchise as it appears before the events of Final Fantasy VII and it awakens with the sole purpose of trying to destroy the Turks.

Following the destruction of the powerful Zirconiade Materia, Jade Weapon awakans from beneath some ice in the Northern Continent of Gaia and its mission is to wipe out the Turks who were responsible for its destruction.

Capable Of Flight

Jade Weapon's design mimics that of a plane and it makes sense that it is built for flight as it essentially has wings attached. If the player chooses to fight against Jade Weapon, they will face a very difficult task, but the location of the battle was actually different depending on the user of Before Crisis.

There were six possibly locations where the fight could take place and the chosen place was decided based on where the user lived in Japan. Tokyo was chosen to represent the head of Gaia, Midgar.