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Minor Character

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Holzoff is an ex-mountain climber who originally hailed from the Icicle Inn. However, when the party venture to Icicle Inn, Holzoff's wife explains that she hasn't seen him for 20 years.

Holzoff, with his friend Yamski, had tried to climb up Gaea's Cliff, but they came into some massive complications. This ended up with Yamski having to sacrifice his own life so that Holzoff could survive; something which has stayed with him.

Shelter For Climbers

After the events that transpired, Holzoff decided that he wouldn't return to the Icicle Inn, but instead he would set up a shelter at the base of Gaea's Cliff in order to help travellers. He would give them a place to stay, or just offer them advice on what they were about to face.

Holzoff also has lots of experience in the area and is one of the few people that can navigate the Great Glacier without getting lost. This is highlighted if Cloud manages to lose his way, as Holzoff rescues him and takes him back to the shelter, where he can rest up before trying again.