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Great-chief Uball-Ka

Great-chief Uball-Ka

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

When the party meet Uball-Ka they show him the nethicite they found. His first reaction is to ask if they used. When Ashe asks him if he knows how to use it, he tells them if they do not know, then he can't help them.

He explains that the Gods made a gift of nethicite to the Garif, but they never learnt how to use it. The Gods, displeased with this, took the Nethicite away.

He apologises to Ashe for not being able to help her, and he is ashamed by it. However, he does add that the Nethicite is mostly useless. The mist in the stone is far too old and the power within it is lost. His last words are those of warning, as he says that while the stone is empty it has a terrible thirst. He tells Ashe "It is often those who desire Nethicite whom the Nethicite itself desires."